Food: If food is being served or a food truck is being used, copies of applicable food licenses must be provided at least one week prior to the date of event. Outdoor cooking is permitted in approved locations. Client shall ensure all trash, recyclable materials, and food scraps are disposed of properly and may make use of our on-site dumpsters. 

Drink:  If alcoholic beverages are being served, all bartenders must be TABC certified, copies must be provided at least one week prior to the date of event. 

Entertainment:  If live entertainment will be present, or any specialty AV items will be necessary, a technology walkthrough should be scheduled with management.  The venue cannot provide equipment beyond access to our in-house speakers, and all cables must be gaff tapped down by client to ensure safety. The use of amplification must comply with all state, county, and local ordinances- amplified music outside the venue is not allowed past midnight.  

Security: Although one venue employee will be present during and in charge of locking up after each event, client is responsible for hiring an off-duty San Antonio Police officer or other professional security service. 

Smoking:  Please provide appropriate designation and signage, as well as ensure ashtrays are present and properly emptied for the convenience of your guests and the health of our planet. No smoking is allowed inside any of our spaces.

Signage and Decor:  No signage or decor may be affixed to plants, although attaching to the fence (in a way that does not interfere with plants) is permitted.  No decoration, equipment, machine, or other structure may be used which poses a risk to guests, staff, or grounds.

Promotion: Any written matter (i.e. invitations, e-vites, advertisements, brochures, signage, etc) printed or distributed in conjunction with event must use "The Monty" or "Ivy Hall" when identifying or referring to the venues.